• Tuesdays

    All Players Club Member who earn 100 points on Tuesday will be eligible for the promotion.  Qualifying players will be placed in a group at the players club.  All players receive 1 entry into the virtual hopper once they are eligible.  1 winner will be drawn from the virtual hopper every 20 minutes.  Selected drawing winner will roll one six-sided game cube and reveal a prize amount.  Six-sided cube will have the following values:  $50, $50, $75, $100, $100 & $500.  The same prize amount is placed into a "neighbor pool"  in the form of free play that will be split among all qualifing players at the end of the promotional period.  Prize amounts from each winners roll are aggregated into "neighbor pool" and that pool is distributed evenly accross all players who qualified for the promotion.  Free play issued as part of this promotion will expire at midnight.  (Example:  $1500 total cash prizes = $1500 free play in neighbor pool.  If there are 100 players in the group they will receive $15 free play each after the final promotional drawing.)

     Drawings will held every twenty minutes from 6pm-9pm.  Final Final distribution of the neighbor pool will take palce after the 9pm drawing.

  • Wednesdays

    Hot seat drawings every 15 minutes, one female winner & one male winner will receive $25 free play.  These drawings will take place from 6pm-9pm.  Each winner will be placed into a virtual hopper drawing for the last drawing of the night.  At 9pm we will draw one male winner and one female winner.  They will each receive $500.00.

    Drawings will be held every 15 minutes from 6pm-9pm.


  • Thursdays

    All Patrons age 50 & older who earn at least 10 points with their Duck Creek Casino Player's Card properly inserted into any Electronic Gaming machine will receive $10 Match Play from 8am-12pm.

    Senior's Day Hot Seat drawings will take place every half hour from 9am-12pm with the winner receiving $50 in rewards play.

  • March 25th-April 29th

    Beginning March 25th, for every 100 points earned on their Player's Club cards Members will receive one entry into our Cuttin' it Close Grand Prize Giveaway drawings that will be held every Saturday in April.  Every Saturday during the month of April we will have drawings every 15 minutes from 7pm-10pm.  From 7pm-9:45pm winners will recieve $25 free play.   Cuttin' it close Drawing at 10pm will be for a Husqvarna Zero Turn Radius Lawn Mower. 

  • Mondays and Fridays in March

    Drawings every 20 minutes from 6pm-9pm. When a winner is called they will roll a six-sided games cube with prizes ranging from $25 Rewards Play to our Luck Duck Jackpot symbol. If a winner rolls a dollar amount that amount will be awarded in Rewards Play on their Player's Club card and the game is complete. If the winner rolls the Lucky Duck Jackpot symbol they will then roll again. If the six-sided cube lands on a dollar amount at that time they will be awarded Rewards Play and the game is complete. If the cube lands on the Lucky Duck symbol a second time they will be awarded the progressive jackpot amount. The progressive jackpot will start at $500 and increase by $100 every time it is not won. Once a Player wins the progressive jackpot it resets to $500. See players club for more details.

  • Drawings will be held every 20 minutes from 1pm-4pm.  When a patrons name is drawn they will come to the Player's Club and Select an egg from our easter basket.  Eggs included in basket will be as follows:  1-$1,000, 1-$250, 3-$100, 2-$75, 5-$50, 1-x5, 5-x2.  If the guest pulls an egg from the basket and it has a dollar amount in it the guest wins that dollar amount and the game is over.  However if the guest pulls an egg from the basket that has a x5 or x2 the guest will then pull another egg, then the guest will win the $ amount x5 or x2.  all prizes up to and including $100 will be issued to the guest in freeplay.  All other prizes will be issued to the guest in cash. 

  • 9am-12pm

    Hot Seat Drawings every half hour from 9am-12pm.  These will be for $50 free play.